Naming Ceremonies and Funeral Services

Naming Ceremonies

11111A name giving ceremony is an opportunity for family and friends to formally celebrate and welcome a child into the community of family and friends. This is an alternative to religious ceremonies and allows for your family to celebrate this happy occasion allowing for the young one to consider their own spiritual directions later in life.

A naming ceremony is a very special occasion where you, as parents, formally announce and acknowledge the little one’s name. It is a time when you involve God Parents and Guardians in the ceremony at the same time acknowledging the important part that grand and great-grandparents play in the lives of a small child in their developing years.

A naming ceremony can take place at any time, yes even adults who have not been officially named previously can be a part of such a lovely occasion. However, the baby’s first birthday is a popular time to hold such a ceremony. It can be held at any venue of your choice, often in locations were young couples were married, in the family home or the homes of other family members. A naming ceremony is predominantly a non-religious celebration although you can, of course, have family members or friends do a Christian reading or readings of other poems.

I provide sample ceremonies to help you put this special occasion together. You can of course develop your own ceremony or include rituals or symbolism that you have seen elsewhere and which you think is appropriate at this time.

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Funeral Services

funeral4A funeral service is a very personal celebration of a loved one’s life. It need not necessarily be a religious service although many families believe that a funeral service is not a funeral service unless it is done within the church.

As a funeral celebrant I conduct funeral services in the main at crematoriums or graveside at cemeteries. However, I have held services at a golf course and in a park and know of one held on a beach. This is the choice of yours, as the family, locations that had a particularly special meaning to your loved one can certainly be considered. Of course, the funeral service can also be held in the family home with final committal at a crematorium or cemetary graveside.

The main arrangements of course would be done through your chosen Funeral Director and often they will ask whether you wish to have a religious minister or a celebrant. The choice of celebrant obviously includes whether you want a male or female. You can, if you wish, nominate to the funeral director your own celebrant and they would be very happy to accommodate your wishes.

A funeral service need not be a solemn occasion although the very nature of losing a loved one causes great grief. It is an opportunity to share all of those special memories of a loved one and often they are memories that will make you smile or laugh. They are of course memories that will make you smile or laugh for many yeas to come. When planning a service you can insert all manner of things to reflect the life of the loved one you have lost and nothing is inappropriate in terms of music, symbols or words if they reflect that life.

A eulogy is a story of the deceased’s life and I spend a great deal of time discussing this with you and ensuring that my facts are right before presenting it. It is a most difficult time when families sit down to put together that story. Often families can be prepared and in a number of cases I have been involved in discussing a eulogy with terminally ill people who have wanted to make sure that their story is not only correct but is also going to be professionally presented. I visit your home, or any other location to suit you, to discuss details of the service. Obviously, if it is your choice as a family member can present the eulogy.

In modern day crematoriums they have all the facilities to accommodate DVD presentations of a photographic collage. In fact, many crematoriums today record the service to a DVD for families which is certainly worthwhile if you have family that are not able to be in attendance. there is no cost at this time for that service. Two Sydney crematoriums can also arrange for “live” streaming of a funeral service over the internet. There is a small charge for this service.

You can place symbols of significant meaning on top of the coffin through the service. You have a lot of flexibility to ensure that your loved one is departed in a dignified and meaningful way.

I have been a celebrant for twenty-two years and have built a reputation based on my professional and caring approach that makes a very sad occasion a memorable one. You will certainly be safe in my hands.

I would be happy to discuss any aspects of a funeral service with you. Please do not hesitate to call me on 0409-399-956 or (02) 9542-2708

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